Gino Montalvo
Gino Montalvo
Published on July 24, 2018


“Podcast?! What the hell is a Podcast?!” 

First of all…you’re gonna need to clean up that potty mouth sir/mam

Second of all… for those that don’t know…a Podcast is like listening to the radio, except you can listen anywhere you want to and whenever you want to… if you get busy and need to do something else, just hit PAUSE and come back later. We try to put out as much content onto our social media pages as possible but there’s just times you’re not able to look at that stuff while you’re…

  • At the gym
  • Stuffing your face
  • Walking the dog
  • Waiting in line at the DMV
  • Driving To Work

You see, we don’t want that…last thing we want is us getting blamed for a traffic accident because you were looking at our FREE Home Buyers Guide while driving down the highway! No sir, no thank you.

The #ASKTEAMMONTALVO podcast is available on iTunes, the Anchor app and on Spotify.

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