So My Sister Let Me Do Her Makeup!

Gino Montalvo
Gino Montalvo
Published on July 20, 2018

Gino and Gina Montalvo here… (siblings!)

So Gina has a new facebook page called – Makeup & Real Estate.

She combined her two passions into one page so her followers can keep up with all her world(s). It wasn’t till out of High School that my sister decided to join the Makeup world and for the past decade has been a Pro Makeup artist. She’s been lucky enough to work with some huge companies, travel the nation to train and be trained by the best around.

It was early last year that she decided to join me in my world (Real Estate) and get her Real Estate license and become a Texas Realtor. Since then she’s been killing it, helping all of her past clients and friends and also assisting me with all of our TEAM MONTALVO buyers.

In this video we decided to see how good I’d be able to do her makeup…For the record I’ve never done this before, lol… she’s the pro!

On a scale of 1 to 10…I think I probably did a 5-6… But you be the judge! Check out the video below!

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