Pizza & Real Estate – Episode #5 – The One With Claudia Reyes From Home Source Mortgage.

Gino Montalvo
Gino Montalvo
Published on July 31, 2018

Welcome back!

On this episode of Pizza & Real Estate we talk to Claudia Reyes with Home Source Mortgage Corpus Christi.  She is our go-to lender in town, that is why we send all of our friends and family to her and her team when its time to buy a home. Claudia and her team are not only the best in town but also one of the top lenders in the nation.

In Real Estate not every customer or home is the same and because of that you need people who can handle any type of situation or problems that can occur during a transaction. If you’re looking to take the NEXT STEP and want to find out which type of loan would be best for you… setup a time today for us to call/text/email and we will take care of you!

Enjoy this weeks episode and see y’all next time!

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