Top Five Healthiest Places To Eat – Corpus Christi

Gino Montalvo
Gino Montalvo
Published on January 14, 2019

Welcome to the “Top Five CC” or a.k.a the #topfivecc

It is here you will find the best that Corpus Christi, Texas has to offer. 

Weekly we will feature the Top Five ____________ of Corpus Christi with links so if you don’t believe us you can find out for yourself. 

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Week 3 – The Top Five Healthiest Places To Eat In Corpus Christi

Before start this weeks Top Five let start by saying thank to you everyone that has been keeping up with our weekly series and also thank you to those that have been sharing and tagging others in our post and also a huge THANK YOU to those that love “run on” sentences”… we appreciate you

For those that forgot it was in 2010 that Men’s Health Magazine dubbed our city the “Fattest City In The Us” and damn did that hurt… but was it true? Well according to some scientist data and being that we’re the birthplace of Whataburger and that stats show 4 out of 10 people here are obese… yea it might have been.

But a lot can change in 10 years and since this declaration I feel a lot as changed in our city. There’s more gyms, more parks, trails, local organized activities and events… but most importantly… more healthy places to eat.

All right lets go…

1. Muscle Maker Grill Of Corpus Christi

It’s one thing to have healthy options on your menu…but when you dedicate your entire business to healthy dining options… well that’s how you get moved up to the top of the list of Top Five Healthiest Places To Eat in Corpus Christi! This is exactly what local owners David & Stephanie Hamilton did when they opened Muscle Maker. I think their mission statement sums them up perfectly…

Dine in, Take Out, Meal plans, Catering and Delivery.

2. Joint Venture Sandwich & Smoke Shop

Welcome to the perfect blend of “Healthy Eating & Smoke Culture” , if you’re looking for a healthy place to eat in CC with a twist… this is it! Located off of SPID between Airline & Nile is one of Corpus Christi’s best sandwich shops…offering meal preps, dine in service, tons of vegan options and plenty more for an active lifestyle.

3. 8TE – Modern American

8TE: Pronounced “eyt;” a play on the words “ate” and “eight.”

8TE is a restaurant specializing in “modern American” cuisine– classic comfort dishes with a simple twist. They take pride in the quality of their food and making nearly every component of their dishes as homemade and from scratch as possible.

Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

4. Hawaii Poke

If there’s one thing that makes healthy food even better….it’s when it’s super fast and the options are almost limitless. Hawaii Poke on Saratoga is exactly that, you can be in and out with a healthy delicious bowl in minutes. If you’ve never had “Poke” pronounced “po-kay” is basically sushi in a bowl… at Hawaii Poke you go through steps to build your bowl starting with a base of white rice, brown rice, poke rice or greens…move to the next step and you have all your fresh proteins to choose from… tuna, shrimp, salmon, steak, squid plus more! I promise if you stop in on a Monday for the first time, you’ll be back by Wednesday!

5. H-E-B Plus!

Wait a minute Mr. Gino… H-E-B isn’t a restaurant!!! No, but there’s no bigger source of healthy meals then right here at the butt. No only do you have a huge resource to make any type of healthy meal you could dream up…but H-E-B also offers tons of simple healthy meal preps made fresh daily that you can just pop in the oven without a worry in the world.

Love seafood… they got it
Steak lover…they got it
Vegan… you know it.

Threw you a curveball huh?

That does it for this weeks #topfivecc and in case you haven’t noticed I’m going for a New Year New Me vibe on this months Top Fives to help people out there stick to their 2019 resolutions….number on the list for most people is living a healthier lifestyle so I hope this weeks list helped.

Until next week…

Gino Montalvo 
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