Pizza & Real Estate – Episode #4 – The One With Trey Watkins – BDA Inspections

Gino Montalvo
Gino Montalvo
Published on July 10, 2018

Anddddddddd Welcome Back!!!

This is Episode #4 of Pizza & Real Estate… can you believe they haven’t canceled us yet!?

Crazy! This week’s special guest is Mr. Trey Watkins of BDA Inspections located right here in Corpus Christi, TX

What does a Home Inspector do exactly?

Basically…they help home buyers find out everything there is to know about the home they are looking to purchase. Does it have aluminum wiring, hows the foundation, what about the plumbing, should I be concerned about that wood rot, will a good wind storm knock this house over?

These are all real questions and Trey and his team are the people who can get you the answers before we take the next steps on your purchase.

For those that have never purchased a home….here’s where a general home inspection comes into play….

1) We find your new home and we negotiate a great deal

2) Once we’re under contract and in “Option Period” we get you setup with BDA Inspections so they can arrange all the inspections you would like or are lender required (Like a pest inspection)

3) They go out and can give you a top to bottom report on the home you’re looking to purchase.

4) Depending on what items are discovered, we can use this report to make sure of a couple things…..
A –
That you still want to buy the home B – We can use it as a tool to renegotiate repairs to be made by the seller, a sellers credit or a deduction in price…

Buying a home is a BIG DEAL… you knew that already though right?

So before we get out of “Option Period” lets make sure we don’t run into any surprises down the line by getting you setup with Trey and his team at BDA Inspections.

Enjoy this weeks episode and we look forward to seeing you back next week!

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